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From the way we hire new talent to our pay and reward practices, we want to make sure that diversity, equality and inclusion runs through everything we do at Audley like a watermark. Across our everyday operations and our social and cultural initiatives, everyone should feel included, and empowered to develop their full potential.

Audley already has many talented people from a wide mix of groups – but we’re aware our diversity statistics aren’t perfect. We know, too, that simply having a diverse workforce is not enough. We also must foster a truly inclusive culture if we’re to live up to our promise to every employee; to use their skills, passion and empathy to the full, and give them the opportunity to grow and develop with us. That’s why we’ve set up a DE&I steering committee with members drawn from all across Audley to represent everybody from Senior figures to those in client-facing roles. Together, we’ll drive change for everyone.

Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Steering Committee members

A message from our CEO

“To achieve a truly inclusive, equal and diverse workforce, organisations need to start by reflecting on themselves from the top down. Audley will be following this thought process and exploring ways that we can continue to develop and embed a diverse workforce and a culture that underpins our commitment. The mission is to achieve a successful culture that ensures that we do not miss out on or exclude the experiences that all individuals can bring – experiences that will contribute to our ongoing success and future growth.”

Nick Sanderson

A message from our HRD

“Hiring a diverse workforce does not guarantee that every team member has the same experience or opportunities in the workplace. Inclusion is what is needed to give diversity real impact, and drive towards a world of work where all team members are empowered to contribute fully and feel a part of the Audley Family. Making this future a reality requires real commitment. Our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Committee is working to assess the current position in Audley and consider all key areas that require more focus and investment, so we can drive continuous improvement.”

Lisa Rickman

DE&I in action

A message from our DE&I Ambassador

“The Audley Academy is committed to supporting Diversity, Equality & Inclusion. We do this by engaging with, and learning about, the viewpoints and experiences of all our Audley Team Members. We consider what’s important to our team members and ensure that we are supporting with the right information and committing to what we believe is the right thing to do. We believe that The Academy does not belong to us as an organisation but belongs to us all as individuals. Every single team member who works at Audley has a stake in it. This ethos is important to us and helps ensure we provide the best, most relevant information that supports our DE&I culture. Together, we’re building a culture of inclusivity, authenticity, equality and diversity of which we can all be proud.”

Charlotte Osei
DE&I Ambassador
Audley Group Academy Partner


Steering us forward – our DE&I Committee’s work

The 12 members of our DE&I Steering Group are working to drive change. They’re looking at our current make-up, policies, practices and culture, and collaborating with key figures across the organisation to light the touch paper for positive change. Right now, they’re working to:

  • Benchmark us against like-minded organisations in and outside the care sector
  • We are working towards gaining DE&I accreditation in 2022 through our DE&I partner the ENEI (employers network for equality and inclusion)
  • Champion and review the success of HR policies that support diversity and inclusion
  • Create a diversity, equality and inclusion communication strategy, including new website content
  • Outline missing training requirements, such as DE&I-conscious interviewing skills
  • Analyse the ‘Diversity in Care’ initiative and outline a ‘Gender balance in care’ in our attraction strategy
  • An ongoing review of our Audley Academy framework to ensure that we are supporting our DE&I Commitments
  • Outline the role of mental health and wellbeing in the wider strategy


First steps to big change

At Audley, we’re proud to have driven forward a number of initiatives already, particularly in the area of training and knowledge building.

  • Rollout of unconscious bias training, which started with a session for the Board
  • Launch of a new Leadership – Diversity, Equality and Inclusion training session
  • New learning packages which include level 2 and specialist Equality & Diversity and LGBT+ topics
  • Work to promote our training courses and ensure they are accessible to all
  • Partnerships with Disability Confident Scheme to improve industry and client awareness
  • The development of a bespoke learning platform with external accreditation


Diversity is in our DNA

Our team members have made our values a key part of their working lives. They are also intrinsically linked to our drive to continuously improve diversity, equality and inclusion across Audley.



Work in a company that’s best in class whether it’s the food we serve, the care we provide or the benefits we offer.

We are proud to be diverse, equal and inclusive

To be the best in class, we must create a working environment where people from every walk of life can succeed in their aims and ambitions. We also need to ensure that everyone has equal access to rewards, promotion and development, so that everyone is driving an exceptional performance, and sharing fairly in our joint success.



We create warm, friendly environments to live and work in, where empathy and respect abound.

Caring about diversity, equality & inclusion

We have to go beyond a warm welcome to ensure we understand each other’s backgrounds and appreciate what our differences mean in the workplace.



Grow and develop within an innovative company that’s changing the way people view retirement.

Enriched by diversity, equality and inclusion

Our innovation and growth as a business hinge on our ability to harness the experiences, perspectives and skills of people from different backgrounds and cultures to produce unique ideas and ways of working.



A career where your skills, passion and dedication will deliver the exceptional every day.

Exceptional because of diversity, equality and inclusion

We want everyone to understand that it’s our collective talents and enthusiasm for our work that keeps us at the forefront of the industry. We must be doing some things right. After all, 93% of our people say they’re proud to work here and 87% want to progress with us. We need to build on our successes and turn the best intentions on diversity, equality and inclusion into undeniable results.